3 Gifts Ideas to Get Your Mentor This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get gifts for everyone on your list. You have the perfect items in mind for friends and family, but what do you get your mentor? The ideal gift is professional, but not too impersonal. Here are 3 categories that fit the script! 

1. Personalized Gifts

You can’t go wrong with getting something monogrammed. Everyone loves seeing their name, or initials, engraved (or embroidered) on an item they plan to use often. Consequently, personalized gifts are always a hit. Think of something your mentor needs or uses daily (ex: an ink pen, handkerchief, glasses case, etc.), then locate one that is of high-quality. Once you’ve found one you like, take it into a store that offers personalization (ex: Things Remembered) and choose your font, the size of your text and exactly what you want printed. You can keep it simple by only personalizing the gift with your mentor’s name, or take it a step further with an inside joke, a quote, or company logo. 

2. Gift Basket

Gift baskets are very popular around the holidays because they are convenient to purchase, beautiful in presentation and often well-received. However, there are a few rules to choosing a gift basket worthy of gifting. First, make sure its theme is one that resonates with your mentor. Don’t choose something random, center it around a sweet treat or hobby he or she adores. Next, prioritize quality over quantity. Lastly, make sure it’s as unique as possible. Because gift baskets are so popular, your mentor is bound to receive more than one. To make yours stand out from the crowd, make it special. Add a personal touch if you can. Better yet, if you have the time (and a creative mind), you can put together the gift basket yourself. To go the extra mile, hand deliver the final product to make a great impression.

3. A Handwritten Thank You

The last and most personal option is a handwritten letter of thanks. Your mentor has undoubtedly encouraged, advised, and uplifted you throughout the year, and although you’ve said thank you in person, you now have an opportunity to express your gratitude in writing. Because you are writing this letter in lieu of a gift, it should be thought of as a keepsake. You’ll want it to be visually appealing, so choose the most impressive stationery you can find. When it comes to actually putting pen to paper, focus on how your mentor has impacted your life. Here are a few prompting questions to help get you started:

  • What advice has your mentor given you that has improved your career?
  • What do you appreciate most about your mentor?
  • What’s one meaningful compliment you haven’t told them yet that you should’ve?

Sometimes we place too much stress on ourselves over gift buying during the holidays. Your mentors definitely don’t want to add to that stress. This season should be fun and worry-free, so use these three gift ideas to help you find the right present for your mentor.