As leaders in the business community, The Ryders recognize that everything they do reflects not only who they are, but also the values and ideals they believe in. Because of this, Todd and Nicole make a conscious effort to live out their servant focused, God-centered ideals in every aspect of their day-to-day lives.

Both Todd and Nicole Ryder were raised in Christian homes that were strongly rooted in their faith and values of living a Christ-like life. Because of their individual relationships with God, establishing a strong sense of faith when raising their own children is something that that is extremely important to them. The Ryders built their family foundation and established other values based on the ideals and pillars of Christianity. They have built a strong Christian community around their children by volunteering as a family for service projects at their church, enrolling all three boys at a private Christian school and saying daily prayers as a family.

The Ryders have found that their business has given them a unique opportunity that incorporates their faith, family and their company all under one umbrella. It has provided them with a special platform where they don’t have to be ashamed of what they believe in and can share those ideals with others. Todd and Nicole recognize that the ability to speak openly about their faith and beliefs does not accompany almost any other job out there, and they are thankful they have built a business that does allow them that opportunity.

Service is one of the main values within Christianity and it is also something that Todd and Nicole Ryder believe very strongly in. As leaders, Todd and Nicole have adapted a servant-leadership mentality. By focusing on the needs and growth of others around them and helping to develop others and the communities which they belong to, the Ryders main goal is to serve and help others achieve their goals. They have also established the ideal of “paying it forward” as a pillar in both their family and company values. Both the Ryder’s family and business are actively involved in service projects throughout their community. Generosity, taking care of others and helping those in need are the driving forces in all that Todd and Nicole do.