At the beginning of every presentation the Ryders give, Todd always tells the audience that his greatest gift and reason behind all they have achieved is Nicole. They are each other’s rocks. They are teammates in their marriage, in their business, and most importantly, they are teammates in raising their family.

Of all the jobs Todd and Nicole Ryder have taken on in their lives, the most important one they say they have ever been given is being parents to their three sons. Nicole explains, “We have a short window of time that we can most impact our children in the big picture of things, so every moment we have with them is important.” With that in mind, the responsibilities that come with being parents are not taken lightly by Todd and Nicole.

They believe their job as mom and dad extends further than loving their sons unconditionally, providing them with necessities and protecting them from danger. It involves teaching them right from wrong, helping them develop a moral compass, teaching them to live a life of integrity and generosity and to ultimately to be a leader who drives their own path. They work to raise children who are rooted in the values of hard work, respect for others, service, humility and confidence.

Todd and Nicole love spending time as a family. They are fortunate enough to have their own parents local to them in Virginia and to be able to go anywhere and do almost everything with three generations of family. In fact, the Ryders are known around town for showing up everywhere as one family unit. From the fan section at baseball games to all being a part of the business, they cherish any opportunity they can experience together. They especially enjoy heading south to their beach home in North Carolina, where they can unplug, recharge and spend that quality time as a family that they so desire. Because of their financial freedom, they are able to spend as much time together as they want and are very thankful for that opportunity.

The Ryder family’s life revolves around baseball. Todd grew up playing baseball and watching games with his dad. All three of their boys play competitive baseball, meaning the majority of their travel revolves around baseball tournaments. Even when there isn’t a tournament, their family vacations typically involve baseball, whether it is attending MLB Spring Training in Florida or a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Todd and Nicole are grateful to be able to provide their sons with all the resources and support they need to be the best players they can ne without financial limitations.

Passion is what drives you to chase your dreams. If you ask Todd and Nicole what their greatest passion is, without hesitation they would tell you it is their family. Their dream of financial freedom was fueled in the beginning by wanting unlimited quality time with each other during the early months of their marriage and later as a family of five. The couple was additionally fueled in developing a successful business through their passion to create a legacy for future generations. This was something they wanted to keep alive for their children, grandchildren and so on.