6 Faith-Based Apps for Daily Inspiration

In contemporary society, people are busy at work, in relationships, or attempting to maintain their social life. Therefore, we are constantly on our phones and other electronic devices. These gadgets are even changing us and limiting our physical interactions. It feels almost impossible to create time for our faith and spiritual growth. 

Despite the negativity that smartphones bring along, they are some of the best avenues to grow our faith in this digital era. Today there are numerous faith-based applications available to strengthen your relationship with Christ. Here are some of the apps you can use for your daily spiritual growth: 

The Inclusive YouVersion

With over one thousand different Bible versions, YouVersion is arguably the most inclusive Bible app. The application offers a verse of the day which keeps you in touch with the scriptures daily. To ensure you don’t forget, you can turn on the notification to receive your daily verse on your lock screen. 

After reading the verse of the day, you can read the preceding and succeeding verses or even the whole chapter to establish the context of the excerpt. In addition, you can take notes, highlight texts, listen to audio, and customize images. The application has over three hundred million downloads. 

The Reliable Prayermate

The prayer mate app allows you to monitor your prayer requests. You input the names of people you want to pray for, and the app will remind you. It also has a downloadable prayer gallery, image attachments, and a reminder clock. The application is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle. 

The All-Knowing Got Questions

Do you have questions about the Bible or a scripture? Got Questions is one of the available applications to use in getting answers to your Christian questions. You can also browse existing questions by topic.  

The app provides a high level of anonymity. Therefore, you can ask those awkward questions you can’t comfortably ask your religious leaders or friends. You can also use the app for your Bible study or getting an exposition on particular topics. Currently, the app is available in one hundred and sixty-five languages. 

The Family-Friendly Pure Flix

The Pure Flix is a platform that offers clean and family-friendly movies. The app is free of any non-Christian movies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the inappropriate content you find on other streaming sites. In addition, you can enroll in the Pure Flix insider newsletter to get updates on the latest movies and TV shows. Pure Flix is available on Android, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.  

The Motivational Pray as You Go

The Pray as you go app offers daily prayer sessions wherever you are. There is a new prayer session every weekday and one session over the weekend. The app provides a plan for your prayers. 

Each session lasts for ten to thirteen minutes, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time in it. Additionally, it merges scriptures, music, and questions for a better reflection in each session. It is a fantastic app in helping you link with God through prayer wherever you are. 

The Faith-Strengthening Bible App for Kids

As you grow your faith, don’t forget about the kids. The Bible App for kids will assist your kids love the word of God. It has easy navigation, games, and activities specially designed to suit kids. It also has over forty Bible stories and touch-activated animations to motivate your kids to keep on reading the word of God. Additionally, it offers a two-year companion curriculum to help churches nurture kids in a friendly manner. 

Bottom Line 

Technology is changing rapidly, and new Christian-based apps crop up now and then. Ensure you try out at least one of them today and strength your faith. If you are still having trouble strengthening your faith, here is a comprehensive look at how to keep afloat during troubled times.